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Hamptons Reliable offers thirty minute or one-hour private swimming lessons for any student age three and older. Lessons are strictly one-on-one, with no semi-private or group lessons available. Swimming lessons are physically and mentally demanding for many students, so breaks are provided to mentally decompress. Students are expected to be ready at the scheduled start time and must take the lesson seriously the entire time.

General Policy

These are some general rules that will be applied to every swim lesson client of Hamptons Reliable: 

  • No swim vests, puddle jumpers, or life vests will be used in lessons

  • Swim lessons will be conducted at private HOME residences only. No lessons will be taught at any private community pools, the ocean, the bay, etc.

  • The recommended pool temperature for lessons is at least 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If your child gets cold easily, it is recommended they wear a swim cap and / or a wetsuit. These items are NOT provided by Hamptons Reliable. The lesson will count if a child leaves the lesson early due to being too cold. 

  • Clients can watch the swim lesson from close or afar but must understand that may be too distracting to the student. There should also be as few distractions as possible around the pool area during the lesson. Some distractions include landscaping or family members playing around the pool area while the lesson is being done, etc.

  • All package deals must be completed by October 1st, 2022. Clients can ask for a refund of any remaining money in their package deals before this date. Refund requests after this date will be determined based on the discretion of Hamptons Reliable.

  • “Test lessons” (to see if an instructor & student work well together) are available and encouraged by Hamptons Reliable! Clients must understand that this will count as 1 individual lesson and will be charged accordingly. This lesson will not count as 1 lesson towards a package deal. The client then may decide to purchase a package after the “test lesson.”


*There is a ZERO Tolerance Spitting policy that applies to every student. If a student spits at an instructor, the lesson will be immediately over and will count as two lessons used (if applicable). If this occurs again, the lesson will end immediately, and any remaining lessons / money will be forfeited to Hamptons Reliable. * 


Scheduling Policy

Hamptons Reliable works seven days a week teaching swimming lessons and lifeguarding private events. There are usually very few times where Hamptons Reliable can be flexible with the schedule, and clients are asked to reach out as early as possible if they have scheduling conflicts. 


  • When booking lessons with Hamptons Reliable, clients should pick a day and time that they can commit to every week.       Clients should also not schedule swim lessons on the same day and time as other summer services (landscaping, bug / tick spraying, furniture delivery, etc.)

  • If clients have a pool that is not heated, lessons are recommended to be scheduled in the early afternoons of most days. 

  • If students are still taking naps during the day, lessons should not be scheduled immediately after waking up.


Payment Policy

Prices are determined based on the address of where the swim lesson will be taking place. Prices for half-hour and hour long lessons

are available, but for most students half an hour is more than enough time. Package deals must be paid in full to receive discounted rates via one of the following methods: 

  • PayPal (Electronic) *

  • Venmo (Electronic) *

  • Cash*

  • Check** (made out to Hamptons Reliable)

*Electronic Payments will be REQUESTED by Hamptons Reliable. Clients will look for a Venmo or PayPal REQUEST and hit ACCEPT and will tag the transaction as a good or service if available. Clients *WILL NOT SEND* any money to HRS*. Please contact us if this is confusing at all and we will walk you through it!

**If paying by cash or check, the money must be scheduled to be given to Hamptons Reliable ASAP to guarantee ones’ spot on the schedule. Clients who agree to give cash on the day of the lesson will be expected to pay upon the instructors’ arrival, NOT at the end of the lesson. The lesson will not start until payment is handed over. Any abuse of this rule will result in no further services by Hamptons Reliable**


Rain Policy / Cancellation Policy

HRS will take full responsibility in paying attention to the weather during the week.


  • Lessons are CANCELLED due to rain, thunder, lightning, storms, etc. 

  • HRS will let the clients know more than 24 hours ahead of time that the weather will not cooperate with the scheduled lesson. These lessons will not be counted in a package deal example, but clients should expect HRS to not have the “makeup time” until the following week (on their normally scheduled day). 

  • The cancellation policy for all swimming lessons will operate on a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Clients that cancel 24 hours or more from the start time of their lesson will not have that lesson count towards a package deal or will receive a full refund if they purchased a single individual lesson (can also re-schedule if possible). Clients that cancel 24 hours or less from the start time of their lesson will have that lesson count towards a package deal or will receive no refund if they purchased a single individual lesson. 

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