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Hamptons Reliable services

Formed while living in Colorado for the winter, I created Hamptons Reliable Summer Services LLC to be up and running in New York for the start of the 2019 summer season. I had been teaching swimming lessons for five years at that time, 

and I decided to branch out and work for myself. I had been certified in pool lifeguarding and CPR for seven years at that point, and had worked at numerous beach clubs, private communities, and private parties. I learned that I loved to teach swimming lessons to kids and adults, and loved keeping people safe during their private events, and that’s how Hamptons Reliable was founded.

HRS only offers one-on-one instruction with no group or semi-private lessons. Students must be three years of age or older, or be an adult with or without swimming experience looking to improve. HRS has been trained to teach beginner level instruction as well as advanced swimming techniques, such as rhythmic breathing and how to swim efficiently. HRS offers half hour and hour long swim lessons, but for many students half an hour is the more beneficial option.

Swimming lessons also offer life lessons such as discipline, respect, and situational awareness.

Aside from private swimming instruction, HRS offers private lifeguarding services for any private event. Lifeguards come with their own first aid kit, lifeguarding tube, and their full attention is on keeping everyone safe. Lifeguards will be disciplined to remain vigilant for the duration of the event.


I pride myself on my reliability, professionalism, and positive attitude towards each job. I love what I do for work, and I wish I could teach every child how to swim and lifeguard every party. I’ve learned that teaching swimming lessons is mainly working on a students’ self-confidence, and my catch phrase for my business are the words,

“I can do this!”


Please reach out via the contact information located in the bottom left of your screen if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you and cannot wait to begin teaching and lifeguarding this summer!

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