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Summer Swim


The Lloyd Family

"Will is the best because he teaches people to swim very well
and very fast. He is a great swim teacher! 
When I first started with Will, I was not really a good swimmer and I was afraid to go in the deep end without my floats. At the end of the summer, I was swimming really well and even jumping in the deep end - all because of Will Potter!"
-Alex (age 6)

"When we moved into a new house with a pool, we knew we had
to make sure our 6 year-old son knew how to swim WELL.
Will came very highly recommended and took us on 
despite a very full schedule. He is professional, patient, kind, and an all-around fantastic swim teacher. He spent time helping our son get over his fears, and by the end of the summer, our son was not only swimming beautifully, but brimming with confidence about what he'd accomplished. We highly recommend Will."
-Kelley & James Lloyd


The Korin Family

"Coach Will taught me how to tread water, and now I feel a lot safer in the pool. Thanks Coach Will!"
-Matias (age 7)

"I like swimming with Coach Will, especially the
'chicken-airplane-soldier' style. It was funny."
-Cecilia (age 5)

"We highly recommend Coach Will. He immediately connected with our two kids (ages 5 and 7) and they felt really comfortable around him. After only a few lessons, we saw a huge improvement in their swimming abilities. We appreciated his focus on practical instruction and building the kids' confidence around the water."
-Andres & Astrid 


The Pinter Family

"Coach Will is so much fun! He taught me how to swim freestyle."
-Ava (age 4)

"I like Coach Will!"
Lyla (age 2.5) 

"Will conducted daily one-on-one lessons for our daughters, ages 4 and 2.5 over a period of weeks, and we are so pleased with the progress our children made. Will has the unique ability to make swim lessons both instructive and fun. And he is SO patient. Both girls are now comfortable in the water, and our older one is starting to swim. We highly recommend Will."
-Dana & Jason Pinter


The Leslau Family

"Will was an amazing swim instructor for my two young sons, ages 3 and 4. He taught them how to swim, dive underwater, and tread water. Prior to working with Will, my sons only swam with swimmies on. Will was always on time and always arrived with
a smile. He was patient and thorough while teaching my sons.
I highly recommend him."
-Annie Leslau


The Matamala Family

"Will taught my 4yr old how to swim this past summer! He was professional, listened to my child and taught him in an age appropriate way, pushing him just enough but also making the experience a ton of fun. In addition, Will was extremely accommodating in terms of scheduling sessions. I would highly recommend him as a swim instructor!"
-Ximena Matamala

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